Steel structures

Our expert team carries out steel construction work for you. Simple welding work and the assembly of complicated, heavy constructions are everyday life in our steel construction department.

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Steel construction

Steel structures in Ennepetal – Steadfast. Steel. Steel construction

Nerves of steel? Today’s hectic times require nerves of steel in almost all situations.

Steadfastness is one of the central aspects that it takes, if you want to assert yourself. Steel buildings are particularly resistant and sturdy.

That’s why we rely on steel construction! – You too?

We connect steel girders, pipes and sheet metal by screwing or welding into a massive supporting structure. This is comparatively quick and easy, is robust and cost-effective.

Further advantages of the steel construction are the short planning and construction time. In addition, the steel construction enables a great quality assurance. The pieces are previously made of high quality and can then be quickly and easily mounted on building site.

By contrast, steel construction is far more resource-friendly and sustainable.

From an aesthetic point of view, it is also worthwhile to build with steel

In our steel construction department we produce structural steel construction including necessary processing.

Our team has relevant knowledge and solves your tasks to satisfaction.



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Under the umbrella name Schubert Group, there are currently five companies with a focus on general mechanical and plant engineering.


The Schubert Group is at your disposal for the versatile tasks in the service area. We have worldwide experience in many service issues.


As Schubert Group, we offer high performance steel shears, hydraulic presses, feeding & transporting systems, automation / robotics and wire processing machines.


We manufacture pieces up to 40 tons weight