Schubert Group

Five innovative companies – a common mission

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Hydraulic presses

As a manufacturer of hydraulic presses for non-cutting metal processing, we are recognized nationally and internationally with over 50 years of experience in mechanical engineering.

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Automation robotics

We use modern robotic technology to automate and optimize manufacturing processes.

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High-performance steel shears

Our high-performance shear systems deliver the highest quality and quantity output and thus ensure a very economical process.

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Feeding and transporting systems

We are a manufacturer of practical and solution-oriented sorting and feeding systems, which allow an unlimited and flexible supply of parts.

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Wire processing

We manufacture high-precision, modular coil systems for wire processing. After the cutting process, we offer many possibilities, such as length measurement, sorting and bending of the blanks.

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Mechanical machining

We offer subcontracting and have a modern CNC machine park, which allows us the processing of parts of up to 40 tons unit weight.

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Specialist and manufacturer in mechanical and plant engineering

Schubert Group - Maschinenbau, Pressentechnologie, Automation


The Schubert Group is an international group of medium-sized companies. Mechanical and plant engineering, automation, press technology, as well as the maintenance and repair of machinery are among our business areas. See our current corporate video here.

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As Schubert Group, we offer high performance steel shears, hydraulic presses, feeding & transporting systems, automation / robotics and wire processing machines.

The Company

Under the umbrella name Schubert Group, there are currently five companies with a focus on general mechanical and plant engineering.


The Schubert Group is at your disposal for the versatile tasks in the service area.


For cost-effective production, we offer a variety of automated solutions.


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