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Technical specifications

The press concept ranges from a C-frame to a double-column or four-column press to customized constructions. All models have extensive equipment variants and a stable panel construction as a heat-treated welded construction. The cylinder assemblies are equipped with integrated cutting impact damping and electric, adjustable depth stops with a position accuracy of & lt; 0.03 mm. An expandable and custom table assembly makes it possible to make adjustments to existing tools and clamping systems. The sturdy design guarantees minimal deflection at full load. New drive concept

In modern servo pump direct drives, pressure and flow are no longer regulated by control edges in corresponding valves, but by torque and speed of a servomotor. A fixed displacement pump is used in direct connection with a servomotor. This unit delivers the corresponding hydraulic energy only when it is actually needed at the consumer (cylinder). When the cylinder is in the idle state, no oil is pumped, which considerably increases the energy efficiency of the machine and also introduces significantly less heat into the hydraulic system. This no longer has to be dissipated through costly cooling systems.

In addition, the hydraulic servo press energetic advantages. Unlike a permanently running hydraulic system with all the necessary downstream valve assemblies and a constant supply of electrical energy, the servo control works only when moving the plunger. The advantage lies in the reduction of the drive power and in a 70% lower heat generation in the medium. The reduction of active and flow losses of the system is a great advantage.

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