3D object recognition “grab in the box”.

Technical specifications

The challenge

Growing variety

Each component requires a special parts feeder and the associated mechanical components for feeding. Set-up times when changing the type make the problem even more difficult.

Complex components

Particularly large, heavy or even small and filigree components can`t be used with conventional systems.

Workplace ergonomics

Manual, repetitive steps are problematic from an ergonomic point of view. Cycle time problems and increased error frequency can be the result.

Our Solution

Highly efficient and economical

Each additional component variant increases the cost-effectiveness of the investment in an automated, robot-assisted production line.

We grab everything!

Thanks to our 3D object recognition technology, we can grab anything you can touch with our robots.

High availability and reliability

Reliable, automated processes and satisfied employees. Intelligent technologies create an innovative work environment which leads to high productivity – not instead of, but together with people.

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